Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogsy for iPad

This week I had the opportunity to test Blogsy for the iPad. The original version was somewhat buggy and I find the current release to be much improved in feature function and stability. Another plus is that I am now able to post directly to the Blogspot site so no more double conversions needed to accomplish this.

Posted a photo continues to work well as it did in the original tests. Will keep testing for the 14 day trial as agreed before publishing the final report and feedback to the team.

Is a nice feature to be able to publish on the go and not have be tethered to the desktop. Definitely makes the iPad case with attached keyboard come in quite handy as well. Still a pain to do heavy typing via the glass. The combination of the two areas (Keyboard & Blogsy) make the blogs much easier to accommodate on the run.


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