Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MSMONEY 2007 and GM Card (gmcard money MSMONEY gm card online error)

My GM Card automatic (background) Microsoft Money updates appear to have encountered an issue in my configuration. My online updates for only this one of my defined credit card accounts began getting an error about two weeks ago.

I can go to the GMCard website and everything is fine. I can also initiate a download via money and it works. However the automatic (Background) online services no longer recognize the userid.

GM Card online support rambled off something about a purchase of the GM Card by another company and the new company does not support online banking? Has anyone else experienced this? Is there another selection for the new company that will work? I will keep exploring and post any answers that I find.

An interesting update - On September 12 @ 13:03 the update started working again? Does this mean that help desk person corrected something on the GMCARD server to allow this to work again? Or did the help desk person no know what they were talking about when they said that this function is no longer supported since the merger? I am tempted to call back when time allows to force the issue and see what the real deal is. In the meantime the updates are working again. Joy

If anyone else is experiencing intermittent loss of update like this, please let me know so I can add to the history collection in case this returns. In the meantime ... Happy updating!


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